Methods of Effective English Teaching

Additional Week 17
30 March, 2013
Subject: Methods of Effective English Teaching
Teacher: Dr. Jarungkiat Photirat
Made by : Phra Thaweesak Chapardit
You have any clearly / who will be meeting me next week/ Have you got your dictionary/ flood prevention system/ earthquake/ he is coming/ pronunciation/ phonetic alphabet/ International phonetic alphabet (Paris)/ stress / pronounce/ report / record/ sound lap / meanings/ example of word/ mention something/ discuss something/ prominent meaning/ innovation/ potential /leglly /scribble เขียนตระหวัด / I can read and write/ he is literate (illiterate) เขาสามารถอ่านออกเขียนได้/ literacy การอ่านออกเขียนได้ literacy rate /illiteracy rate/ critical reading/ pronounced (Adj.) เด่นชัดมาก / vowel sounds / Vowel (origin : France) diphthong หน่วยเสียงสระผสมสองเสียง/ kit / run/
The Methods of self-learning
-        IPA / stress / pronounce/ phonetic/ pronunciation
-        Mention something / discuss something/
-        One word requires you to find it more one dictionary/ look the difference / sentence/ meaning/ rewrite follows them/ compare with others dictionary.
-        Test your speaking/ test your reading/ test your writing by novel book.

Verb                                                                     noun
Meanings / idioms                                                Meanings / idioms
1.     Run                                          1. Man
2.     Take                                         2.bird
3.     Walk                                        3.dog
4.     Eat                                           4.water
5.     Sit                                            5.world
6.     Get                                           6. house
7.     Keep                                         7.home
8.     Think                                                8. sky
9.     Read                                         9. sea
10.Write                                                10. Soil
Pod / pot / cozy/ influence/  arm / car/ diamond cuts diamond (เพชรตัดเพชร) lie a foundation / play politic/ cutter/ found ก่อตั้ง / foul / near กริยา / nightmare / virgin / pure / fresh / innocent/ weir ฝายกั้นน้ำ/ prevent / contact / lead นำ / การนำ ตะกั่ว / unleaded oil น้ำมันไร้สารตะกั่ว / zebra/ zebra crossing / revel crossing ทางรถไฟตัดถนน/ journal / chief / machine / measure / machinery / where is a will, there is a way/ intonation

1.  Run
Word forms:  runs, running, ran, run
1.     intr
1.     (of a two-legged creature) to move on foot at a rapid pace so that both feet are off the ground together for part of each stride
2.     (of a four-legged creature) to move at a rapid gait; gallop or canter
2.     tr to pass over (a distance, route, etc) in running  to run a mile, run a race
3.     intr to run in or finish a race as specified, esp in a particular position  John is running third
4.     tr to perform or accomplish by or as if by running  to run an errand
5.     intr to flee; run away  they took to their heels and ran
6.     tr to bring into a specified state or condition by running  to run oneself to a standstill
7.     tr to track down or hunt (an animal)  to run a fox to earth
8.     intr to move about freely and without restraint  the children are running in the garden
9.     intr usually foll by to to go or have recourse, as for aid, assistance, etc  he's always running to his mother when he's in trouble
10.           tr to set (animals) loose on (a field or tract of land) so as to graze freely
11.           intr; often foll by over, round or up to make a short trip or brief informal visit  I'll run over to your house this afternoon
12.           to move quickly and easily on wheels by rolling, or in any of certain other ways  a ball running along the ground, a sledge running over snow
13.           to move or cause to move with a specified result or in a specified manner  to run a ship aground, to run into a tree
14.           often foll by over to move or pass or cause to move or pass quickly  to run a vacuum cleaner over the carpet, to run one's eyes over a page
15.           tr; foll by into, out of, through, etc to force, thrust, or drive  she ran a needle into her finger
16.           tr to drive or maintain and operate (a vehicle)
17.           tr to give a lift to (someone) in a vehicle; transport  he ran her to the railway station
18.           to ply or cause to ply between places on a route  the bus runs from Piccadilly to Golders Green
19.           to operate or be operated; function or cause to function  the engine is running smoothly
20.           tr to perform or carry out  to run tests
21.           tr to be in charge of; manage  to run a company
22.           to extend or continue or cause to extend or continue in a particular direction, for a particular duration or distance, etc  the road runs north, the play ran for two years, the months ran into years
23.           intr (law)
1.     to have legal force or effect  the lease runs for two more years
2.     to accompany; be an integral part of or adjunct to  an easement runs with the land
24.           tr to be subjected to, be affected by, or incur  to run a risk, run a temperature
25.           intr often foll by to to be characterized (by); tend or incline  her taste runs to extravagant hats, to run to fat
26.           intr to recur persistently or be inherent  red hair runs in my family
27.           to cause or allow (liquids) to flow or (of liquids) to flow, esp in a manner specified  water ran from the broken pipe, the well has run dry
28.           intr to melt and flow  the wax grew hot and began to run
29.           (metallurgy)
1.     to melt or fuse
2.     tr to mould or cast (molten metal)  to run lead into ingots
30.           intr (of waves, tides, rivers, etc) to rise high, surge, or be at a specified height  a high sea was running that night
31.           intr to be diffused  the colours in my dress ran when I washed it
32.           intr (of stitches) to unravel or come undone or (of a garment) to have stitches unravel or come undone  if you pull that thread the whole seam will run
33.           to sew (an article) with continuous stitches
34.           intr (of growing vines, creepers, etc) to trail, spread, or climb  ivy running over a cottage wall
35.           intr to spread or circulate quickly  a rumour ran through the town
36.           intr to be stated or reported  his story runs as follows
37.           to publish or print or be published or printed in a newspaper, magazine, etc  they ran his story in the next issue
38.           often foll by for (mainly US & Canadian) to be a candidate or present as a candidate for political or other office  Anderson is running for president
39.           tr to get past or through; evade  to run a blockade
40.           tr to deal in (arms, etc), esp by importing illegally  he runs guns for the rebels
41.           (nautical) to sail (a vessel, esp a sailing vessel) or (of such a vessel) to be sailed with the wind coming from astern
42.           intr (of fish)
1.     to migrate upstream from the sea, esp in order to spawn
2.     to swim rapidly in any area of water, esp during migration
43.           tr (cricket) to score (a run or number of runs) by hitting the ball and running between the wickets
44.           tr (billiardssnooker) to make (a number of successful shots) in sequence
45.           tr (golf) to hit (the ball) so that it rolls along the ground
46.           tr (bridge) to cash (all one's winning cards in a long suit) successively
47.           See run a bath
48.           See run close
49.           See run for it
50.           See be run off one's feet

51.           an act, instance, or period of running
52.           a gait, pace, or motion faster than a walk  she went off at a run
53.           a distance covered by running or a period of running  a run of ten miles
54.           an act, instance, or period of travelling in a vehicle, esp for pleasure  to go for a run in the car
55.           free and unrestricted access  we had the run of the house and garden for the whole summer
1.     a period of time during which a machine, computer, etc, operates
2.     the amount of work performed in such a period
57.           a continuous or sustained period  a run of good luck
58.           a continuous sequence of performances  the play had a good run
59.           (cards) a sequence of winning cards in one suit, usually more than five  a run of spades
60.           tendency or trend  the run of the market
61.           type, class, or category  the usual run of graduates
62.           usually foll by on a continuous and urgent demand  a run on butter, a run on the dollar
63.           a series of unravelled stitches, esp in stockings or tights; ladder
64.           the characteristic pattern or direction of something  the run of the grain on a piece of wood
1.     a continuous vein or seam of ore, coal, etc
2.     the direction in which it lies
1.     a period during which water or other liquid flows
2.     the amount of such a flow
67.           a pipe, channel, etc, through which water or other liquid flows
68.           (US) a small stream
69.           a steeply inclined pathway or course, esp a snow-covered one used for skiing and bobsleigh racing See also green runblue runred runblack run
70.           an enclosure for domestic fowls or other animals, in which they have free movement  a chicken run
71.           (esp in Australia and New Zealand) a tract of land for grazing livestock
72.           a track or area frequented by animals  a deer run, a rabbit run
73.           a group of animals of the same species moving together
74.           the migration of fish upstream in order to spawn
75.           (nautical)
1.     the tack of a sailing vessel in which the wind comes from astern
2.     part of the hull of a vessel near the stern where it curves upwards and inwards
76.           (military)
1.     a mission in a warplane
2.     short for bombing run
77.           the movement of an aircraft along the ground during takeoff or landing
78.           (music) a rapid scalelike passage of notes
79.           (cricket) a score of one, normally achieved by both batsmen running from one end of the wicket to the other after one of them has hit the ball Compare extra (sense 6)boundary (sense 2c)
80.           (baseball) an instance of a batter touching all four bases safely, thereby scoring
81.           (golf) the distance that a ball rolls after hitting the ground

2.  Take
Word forms:  takestakingtooktaken
mainly tr
1.     also intr to gain possession of (something) by force or effort
2.     to appropriate or steal  to take other people's belongings
3.     to receive or accept into a relationship with oneself  to take a wife
4.     to pay for or buy
5.     to rent or lease  to take a flat in town
6.     to receive or obtain by regular payment  we take a newspaper every day
7.     to obtain by competing for; win  to take first prize
8.     to obtain or derive from a source  he took his good manners from his older brother
9.     to assume the obligations of  to take office
10.           to endure, esp with fortitude  to take punishment
11.           to adopt as a symbol of duty, obligation, etc  to take the veil
12.           to receive or react to in a specified way  she took the news very well
13.           to adopt as one's own  to take someone's part in a quarrel
14.           to receive and make use of  to take advice
15.           to receive into the body, as by eating, inhaling, etc  to take a breath
16.           to eat, drink, etc, esp habitually  to take sugar in one's tea
17.           to have or be engaged in for one's benefit or use  to take a rest
18.           to work at or study  to take economics at college
19.           to make, do, or perform (an action)  to take a leap
20.           to make use of  to take an opportunity
21.           to put into effect; adopt  to take measures
22.           also intr to make a photograph of or admit of being photographed
23.           to act or perform  she takes the part of the Queen
24.           to write down or copy  to take notes
25.           to experience or feel  to take pride in one's appearance, to take offence
26.           to consider, believe, or regard  I take him to be honest
27.           to consider or accept as valid  I take your point
28.           to hold or maintain in the mind  his father took a dim view of his career
29.           to deal or contend with  the tennis champion took her opponent's best strokes without difficulty
30.           to use as a particular case  take hotels for example
31.           intr often foll by from to diminish or detract  the actor's bad performance took from the effect of the play
32.           to confront successfully  the horse took the jump at the third attempt
33.           intr to have or produce the intended effect; succeed  her vaccination took, the glue is taking well
34.           intr (of seeds, plants, etc) to start growing successfully
35.           to aim or direct  he took a swipe at his opponent
36.           to deal a blow to in a specified place
37.           (archaic) to have sexual intercourse with
38.           to carry off or remove from a place
39.           to carry along or have in one's possession  don't forget to take your umbrella
40.           to convey or transport  the train will take us out of the city
41.           to use as a means of transport  I shall take the bus
42.           to conduct or lead  this road takes you to the station
43.           to escort or accompany  may I take you out tonight?
44.           to bring or deliver to a state, position, etc  his ability took him to the forefront in his field
45.           to go to look for; seek  to take cover
46.           to ascertain or determine by measuring, computing, etc  to take a pulse, take a reading from a dial
47.           intr (of a mechanism) to catch or engage (a part)
48.           to put an end to; destroy  she took her own life
49.           to come upon unexpectedly; discover
50.           to contract  he took a chill
51.           to affect or attack  the fever took him one night
52.           copula to become suddenly or be rendered (ill)  he took sick, he was taken sick
53.           also intr to absorb or become absorbed by something  to take a polish
54.           usually passive to charm or captivate  she was very taken with the puppy
55.           intr to be or become popular; win favour
56.           to require or need  this job will take a lot of attention, that task will take all your time
57.           to subtract or deduct  to take six from ten leaves four
58.           to hold or contain  the suitcase won't take all your clothes
59.           to quote or copy  he has taken several paragraphs from the book for his essay
60.           to proceed to occupy  to take a seat
61.           often foll by to to use or employ  to take steps to ascertain the answer
62.           to win or capture (a trick, counter, piece, etc)
63.           also intr to catch as prey or catch prey
64.           (slang) to cheat, deceive, or victimize

3.  Walk
1.     intr to move along or travel on foot at a moderate rate; advance in such a manner that at least one foot is always on the ground
2.     tr to pass through, on, or over on foot, esp habitually
3.     tr to cause, assist, or force to move along at a moderate rate  to walk a dog
4.     tr to escort or conduct by walking  to walk someone home
5.     intr (of ghosts, spirits, etc) to appear or move about in visible form
6.     (of inanimate objects) to move or cause to move in a manner that resembles walking
7.     intr to follow a certain course or way of life  to walk in misery
8.     tr to bring into a certain condition by walking  I walked my shoes to shreds
9.     tr to measure, survey, or examine by walking
10.           tr (baseball) to allow a batter to go to first base without batting by throwing four balls outside of the strike zone
11.           Alsotravel intr (basketball) to take more than two steps without passing or dribbling the ball
12.           to disappear or be stolen  where's my pencil? It seems to have walked
13.           intr (slang (mainly US) (in a court of law) to be acquitted or given a noncustodial sentence
14.           walk it
15.           walk the plank
16.           walk on air
17.            walk tall
18.            walk the streets
19.            walk the walk
20.           the act or an instance of walking
21.           the distance or extent walked
22.           a manner of walking; gait
23.           a place set aside for walking; promenade
24.           a chosen profession or sphere of activity (esp in the phrase walk of life)
25.           a foot race in which competitors walk
1.     an arrangement of trees or shrubs in widely separated rows
2.     the space between such rows
27.           an enclosed ground for the exercise or feeding of domestic animals, esp horses
28.           (mainly British) the route covered in the course of work, as by a tradesman or postman
29.           a procession; march  Orange walk
30.           (obsolete) the section of a forest controlled by a keeper

4.  Eat
Word forms:  eatseatingateeaten
1.     to take into the mouth and swallow (food, etc), esp after biting and chewing
2.     tr; often foll by away or up to destroy as if by eating  the damp had eaten away the woodwork
3.     often foll by into to use up or waste  taxes ate into his inheritance
4.     often foll by into or through to make (a hole, passage, etc) by eating or gnawing  rats ate through the floor
5.     to take or have (a meal or meals)  we always eat at six
6.     tr to include as part of one's diet  he doesn't eat fish
7.     tr (informal) to cause to worry; make anxious  what's eating you?
8.     tr (slang) to perform cunnilingus or fellatio upon

5.  Sit
Word forms:  sitssittingsat
mainly intr
1.     also tr; when intr, often foll by down, in, or on to adopt or rest in a posture in which the body is supported on the buttocks and thighs and the torso is more or less upright  to sit on a chair, sit a horse
2.     tr to cause to adopt such a posture
3.     (of an animal) to adopt or rest in a posture with the hindquarters lowered to the ground
4.     (of a bird) to perch or roost
5.     (of a hen or other bird) to cover eggs to hatch them; brood
6.     to be situated or located
7.     (of the wind) to blow from the direction specified
8.     to adopt and maintain a posture for one's portrait to be painted, etc
9.     to occupy or be entitled to a seat in some official capacity, as a judge, elected representative, etc
10.           (of a deliberative body) to be convened or in session
11.           to remain inactive or unused  his car sat in the garage for a year
12.           to rest or lie as specified  the nut was sitting so awkwardly that he couldn't turn it
13.           (of a garment) to fit or hang as specified  that dress sits well on you
14.           to weigh, rest, or lie as specified  greatness sits easily on him
15.           tr (mainly British) to take (an examination)  he's sitting his bar finals
16.           usually foll by for (mainly British) to be a candidate (for a qualification)  he's sitting for a BA
17.           intr; in combination to look after a specified person or thing for someone else  granny-sit
18.           tr to have seating capacity for

6.  Get
Word forms:  getsgettinggot  (ɡɒt)  got
Word forms:   especially US gotten
mainly tr
1.     to come into possession of; receive or earn
2.     to bring or fetch
3.     to contract or be affected by  he got a chill at the picnic
4.     to capture or seize  the police finally got him
5.     also intr to become or cause to become or act as specified  to get a window open, get one's hair cut,get wet
6.     intr; foll by a preposition or adverbial particle to succeed in going, coming, leaving, etc  get off the bus
7.     takes an infinitive to manage or contrive  how did you get to be captain?
8.     to make ready or prepare  to get a meal
9.     to hear, notice, or understand  I didn't get your meaning
10.           (US & Canadianinformal) to learn or master by study
11.           intr often foll by to to come (to) or arrive (at)  we got home safely, to get to London
12.           to catch or enter  to get a train
13.           to induce or persuade  get him to leave at once
14.           to reach by calculation  add 2 and 2 and you will get 4
15.           to receive (a broadcast signal)
16.           to communicate with (a person or place), as by telephone
17.           also intr foll by to (informal) to have an emotional effect (on)  that music really gets me
18.           (informal) to annoy or irritate  her high voice gets me
19.           (informal) to bring a person into a difficult position from which he or she cannot escape
20.           (informal) to puzzle; baffle
21.           (informal) to hit  the blow got him in the back
22.           (informal) to be revenged on, esp by killing
23.           (USslang)
1.     foll by to to gain access (to a person) with the purpose of bribing him
2.     often foll by to to obtain access (to someone) and kill or silence him
24.           (informal) to have the better of  your extravagant habits will get you in the end
25.           intr; foll by present participle (informal) to begin  get moving
26.           used as a command (informal) go! leave now!
27.           (archaic) to beget or conceive

7.  Keep
Word forms:  keepskeepingkept  (kɛpt) 
1.     tr to have or retain possession of
2.     tr to have temporary possession or charge of  keep my watch for me during the game
3.     tr to store in a customary place  I keep my books in the desk
4.     to remain or cause to remain in a specified state or condition  keep the dog quiet, keep ready
5.     to continue or cause to continue  keep the beat, keep in step
6.     tr to have or take charge or care of  keep the shop for me till I return
7.     tr to look after or maintain for use, pleasure, etc  to keep chickens, keep two cars
8.     tr to provide for the upkeep or livelihood of
9.     tr to support financially, esp in return for sexual favours  he keeps a mistress in the country
10.           to confine or detain or be confined or detained
11.           to withhold or reserve or admit of withholding or reserving  your news will keep till later
12.           tr to refrain from divulging or violating  to keep a secret, keep one's word
13.           to preserve or admit of preservation
14.           tr sometimes foll by up to observe with due rites or ceremonies  to keep Christmas
15.           tr to maintain by writing regular records in  to keep a diary
16.           when intr, foll by in, on, to, etc to stay in, on, or at (a place or position)  please keep your seats, keep to the path
17.           tr to associate with (esp in the phrase keep bad company)
18.           tr to maintain in existence  to keep court in the palace
19.           tr (mainly British) to have habitually in stock  this shop keeps all kinds of wool
1. living or support  he must work for his keep
2. (archaic) charge or care
3 .Also calleddungeondonjon. the main tower within the walls of a medieval castle or fortress
4. (informal)
1.     completely; permanently
2.     for the winner or possessor to keep permanently

8.  Think
Word forms:  thinksthinkingthought
1.     tr; may take a clause as object to consider, judge, or believe  he thinks my ideas impractical
2.     intr often foll by about to exercise the mind as in order to make a decision; ponder
3.     intr to be capable of conscious thought  man is the only animal that thinks
4.     to remember; recollect  I can't think what his name is
5.     intr foll by of to make the mental choice (of)  think of a number
6.     may take a clause as object or an infinitive
1.     to expect; suppose  I didn't think to see you here
2.     to be considerate or aware enough (to do something)  he did not think to thank them
7.     intr foll by of to consider; regard  she thinks of herself as a poet
8.     intr to focus the attention on being  think thin, think big
9.     tr to bring into or out of a specified condition by thinking  to think away one's fears

1. (informal) a careful, open-minded assessment  let's have a fresh think about this problem
2. modifier (informal) characterized by or involving thinkers, thinking, or thought  a think session

9.  Read
Word forms:  readsreadingread  (rɛd) 
1.     to comprehend the meaning of (something written or printed) by looking at and interpreting the written or printed characters
2.     to be occupied in such an activity  he was reading all day
3.     when tr, often foll by out to look at, interpret, and speak aloud (something written or printed)  he read to us from the Bible
4.     tr to interpret the significance or meaning of through scrutiny and recognition  he read the sky and predicted rain, to read a map
5.     tr to interpret or understand the meaning of (signs, characters, etc) other than by visual means  to read Braille
6.     tr to have sufficient knowledge of (a language) to understand the written or printed word  do you read German?
7.     tr to discover or make out the true nature or mood of  to read someone's mind
8.     to interpret or understand (something read) in a specified way, or (of something read) to convey a particular meaning or impression  I read this speech as satire, this book reads well
9.     tr to adopt as a reading in a particular passage  for ``boon'' read ``bone''
10.           intr to have or contain a certain form or wording  the sentence reads as follows
11.           to undertake a course of study in (a subject)  to read history, read for the bar
12.           to gain knowledge by reading  he read about the war
13.           tr to register, indicate, or show  the meter reads 100
14.           tr to bring or put into a specified condition by reading  to read a child to sleep
15.           tr to hear and understand, esp when using a two-way radio  we are reading you loud and clear
16.           (computing) to obtain (data) from a storage device, such as magnetic tape Compare write (sense 16)
17.           tr to understand (written or printed music) by interpretation of the notes on the staff and to be able to reproduce the musical sounds represented by these notes
1. matter suitable for reading  this new book is a very good read
2. the act of reading

Word forms:  writeswritingwrotewritten
1.     to draw or mark (symbols, words, etc) on a surface, usually paper, with a pen, pencil, or other instrument
2.     to describe or record (ideas, experiences, etc) in writing
3.     to compose (a letter) to or correspond regularly with (a person, organization, etc)
4.     tr; may take a clause as object to say or communicate by letter  he wrote that he was on his way
5.     tr (informal (mainly US & Canadian) to send a letter to (a person, etc)
6.     to write (words) in cursive as opposed to printed style
7.     tr to be sufficiently familiar with (a specified style, language, etc) to use it in writing
8.     to be the author or composer of (books, music, etc)
9.     tr to fill in the details for (a document, form, etc)
10.           tr to draw up or draft
11.           tr to produce by writing  he wrote ten pages
12.           tr to show clearly  envy was written all over his face
13.           tr to spell, inscribe, or entitle
14.           tr to ordain or prophesy  it is written
15.           tr to sit (an examination)
16.           intr to produce writing as specified
17.           (computing) to record (data) in a location in a storage device Compare read1 (sense 16)

1.  Man
Word forms:   plural men  (mɛn 
1.     an adult male human being, as distinguished from a woman
2.     modifier male; masculine  a man child
3.     (archaic) a human being regardless of sex or age, considered as a representative of mankind; a person
4.     sometimes capital human beings collectively; mankind  the development of man
5.     Also calledmodern man
1.     a member of any of the living races of Homo sapiens, characterized by erect bipedal posture, a highly developed brain, and powers of articulate speech, abstract reasoning, and imagination
2.     any extinct member of the species Homo sapiens, such as Cro-Magnon man
6.     a member of any of the extinct species of the genus Homo, such as Java man, Heidelberg man, and Solo man
7.     an adult male human being with qualities associated with the male, such as courage or virility  be a man
8.     manly qualities or virtues  the man in him was outraged
1.     a subordinate, servant, or employee contrasted with an employer or manager
2.     (in combination the number of man-days required to complete a job
10.           usually plural a member of the armed forces who does not hold commissioned, warrant, or noncommissioned rank (as in the phrase officers and men)
11.           a member of a group, team, etc
12.           a husband, boyfriend, etc  man and wife
13.           an expression used parenthetically to indicate an informal relationship between speaker and hearer
14.           a movable piece in various games, such as draughts
15.           (South Africaslang) any person: used as a term of address
16.           a vassal of a feudal lord

1.     (informal) an exclamation or expletive, often indicating surprise or pleasure

2.  Bird
1.     any warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrate of the class Aves, characterized by a body covering of feathers and forelimbs modified as wings. Birds vary in size between the ostrich and the humming bird related adjectives avian ornithic
2.     (informal) a person (usually preceded by a qualifying adjective, as in the phrases rare bird, odd bird, clever bird)
3.     (slang (mainly British) a girl or young woman, esp one's girlfriend
4.     (slang) prison or a term in prison (esp in the phrase do bird; shortened from birdlime, rhyming slang for time)

3.    Dog
1.     a domesticated canine mammal, Canis familiaris, occurring in many breeds that show a great variety in size and form
2.     (as modifier dog biscuit
1.     any other carnivore of the family Canidae, such as the dingo and coyote
2.     (as modifier the dog family related adjective canine
1.     the male of animals of the dog family
2.     (as modifier a dog fox
4.     modifier
1.     spurious, inferior, or useless  dog Latin
2.     (in combination dogberry
5.     a mechanical device for gripping or holding, esp one of the axial slots by which gear wheels or shafts are engaged to transmit torque
6.     (informal) a fellow; chap  you lucky dog
7.     (informal) a man or boy regarded as unpleasant, contemptible, or wretched
8.     (USinformal) a male friend: used as a term of address
9.     (slang) an unattractive or boring girl or woman
10.           (US & Canadianinformal) something unsatisfactory or inferior
11.           short for firedog
12.           any of various atmospheric phenomena See fogdogseadogsundog

Word forms:  dogsdoggingdogged
1 .to pursue or follow after like a dog
2 .to trouble; plague  to be dogged by ill health
3. to chase with a dog or dogs
4. to grip, hold, or secure by a mechanical device
1.usually in combination thoroughly; utterly  dog-tired

4.  Water
1.     a clear colourless tasteless odourless liquid that is essential for plant and animal life and constitutes, in impure form, rain, oceans, rivers, lakes, etc. It is a neutral substance, an effective solvent for many compounds, and is used as a standard for many physical properties. Formula: H2related adjective aqueous related combining forms hydro- aqua-
1.     any body or area of this liquid, such as a sea, lake, river, etc
2.     (as modifier water sports, water transport, a water plant related adjective aquatic
3.     the surface of such a body or area  fish swam below the water
4.     any form or variety of this liquid, such as rain
5.     See high waterlow water
6.     any of various solutions of chemical substances in water  lithia water, ammonia water
7.     (physiology)
1.     any fluid secreted from the body, such as sweat, urine, or tears
2.     usually plural the amniotic fluid surrounding a fetus in the womb
8.     a wavy lustrous finish on some fabrics, esp silk
9.     (archaic) the degree of brilliance in a diamond See also first water
10.           excellence, quality, or degree (in the phrase of the first water)
11.           (finance)
1.     capital stock issued without a corresponding increase in paid-up capital, so that the book value of the company's capital is not fully represented by assets or earning power
2.     the fictitious or unrealistic asset entries that reflect such inflated book value of capital
12.           modifier (astrology) of or relating to the three signs of the zodiac Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces Compareair (sense 20)earth (sense 10)fire (sense 24)
-        tr to sprinkle, moisten, or soak with water
-        tr often foll by down to weaken by the addition of water
-        intr (of the eyes) to fill with tears
-        intr (of the mouth) to salivate, esp in anticipation of food (esp in the phrase make one's mouth water)
-        tr to irrigate or provide with water  to water the land, he watered the cattle
-        intr to drink water
-        intr (of a ship, etc) to take in a supply of water
-        tr (finance) to raise the par value of (issued capital stock) without a corresponding increase in the real value of assets
-        tr to produce a wavy lustrous finish on (fabrics, esp silk)

5.  World



1.     the earth as a planet, esp including its inhabitants
2.     mankind; the human race
3.     people generally; the public  in the eyes of the world
4.     social or public life  to go out into the world
5.     the universe or cosmos; everything in existence
6.     a complex united whole regarded as resembling the universe
7.     any star or planet, esp one that might be inhabited
8.     often capital a division or section of the earth, its history, or its inhabitants  the Western World, the Ancient World, the Third World
9.     an area, sphere, or realm considered as a complete environment  the animal world
10.           any field of human activity or way of life or those involved in it  the world of television
11.           a period or state of existence  the next world
12.           the total circumstances and experience of an individual that make up his life, esp that part of it relating to happiness  you have shattered my world
13.           a large amount, number, or distance  worlds apart
14.           worldly or secular life, ways, or people


Word Origin

Old English w( e) orold, from wer man + ald age, life; related to Old Frisian warld, wrald, Old Norse verold,Old High German wealt (German Welt)

6.  House
Word forms:   plural houses  (ˈhaʊzɪz) 
1.     a building used as a home; dwelling
2.     (as modifier house dog
2.     the people present in a house, esp its usual occupants
1.     a building used for some specific purpose
2.     (in combination a schoolhouse
4.     often capital a family line including ancestors and relatives, esp a noble one  the House of York
1.     a commercial company; firm  a publishing house
2.     (as modifier house style, a house journal
6.     an official deliberative or legislative body, such as one chamber of a bicameral legislature
7.     a quorum in such a body (esp in the phrase make a house)
8.     a dwelling for a religious community
9.     (astrology) any of the 12 divisions of the zodiac See also planet (sense 3)
1.     any of several divisions, esp residential, of a large school
2.     (as modifier house spirit
1.     a hotel, restaurant, bar, inn, club, etc, or the management of such an establishment
2.     (as modifier house rules
c.      (in combination steakhouse
12.           modifier (of wine) sold unnamed by a restaurant, at a lower price than wines specified on the wine list  the house red
13.           the audience in a theatre or cinema
14.           an informal word for brothel
15.           a hall in which an official deliberative or legislative body meets
16.           See full house
17.           (curling) the 12-foot target circle around the tee
18.           (nautical) any structure or shelter on the weather deck of a vessel

19. tr to provide with or serve as accommodation
20. to give or receive shelter or lodging
21. tr to contain or cover, esp in order to protect
22. tr to fit (a piece of wood) into a mortise, joint, etc
23. tr (nautical)
1.     to secure or stow
2.     to secure (a topmast)
c.      to secure and stow (an anchor)

7.  Home
1.     the place or a place where one lives  have you no home to go to?
2.     a house or other dwelling
3.     a family or other group living in a house or other place
4.     a person's country, city, etc, esp viewed as a birthplace, a residence during one's early years, or a place dear to one
5.     the environment or habitat of a person or animal
6.     the place where something is invented, founded, or developed  the US is the home of baseball
1.     a building or organization set up to care for orphans, the aged, etc
2.     an informal name for a mental home
8.     (sport) one's own ground  the match is at home
1.     the objective towards which a player strives in certain sports
2.     an area where a player is safe from attack
10.           (lacrosse)
1.     one of two positions of play nearest the opponents' goal
2.     a player assigned to such a position  inside home
11.           (baseballanother name for home plate
12.           (New Zealandinformalobsolete) Britain, esp England

-        of, relating to, or involving one's home, country, etc; domestic
-        (of an activity) done in one's house  home taping
-        effective or deadly  a home thrust
-        (sport) relating to one's own ground  a home game
-        (US) central; principal  the company's home office

-        to or at home  I'll be home tomorrow
-        to or on the point
-        to the fullest extent  hammer the nail home
-        (of nautical gear) into or in the best or proper position  the boom is home

-        intr (of birds and other animals) to return home accurately from a distance
-        often foll by on or onto to direct or be directed onto a point or target, esp by automatic navigational aids
-        to send or go home
-        to furnish with or have a home
-        intr; often foll by in or in on to be directed towards a goal, target, etc

8.    Sky
Word forms:   plural skies
1.     sometimes plural the apparently dome-shaped expanse extending upwards from the horizon that is characteristically blue or grey during the day, red in the evening, and black at night related adjectives celestial empyrean
2.     outer space, as seen from the earth
3.     often plural weather, as described by the appearance of the upper air  sunny skies
4.     the source of divine power; heaven
5.     (informal) the highest level of attainment  the sky's the limit
6.     See to the skies
Word forms:  skiesskyingskied
7.     (rowing) to lift (the blade of an oar) too high before a stroke
8.     tr (informal) to hit (a ball) high in the air

9.  Sea
1.     See the sea
2.     (as modifier sea air
2.     capital when part of place name
1.     one of the smaller areas of ocean  the Irish Sea
2.     a large inland area of water  the Caspian Sea
3.     turbulence or swell, esp of considerable size  heavy seas
4.     capital when part of a name (astronomy) any of many huge dry plains on the surface of the moon See also mare2
5.     anything resembling the sea in size or apparent limitlessness
6.     the life or career of a sailor (esp in the phrase follow the sea)

10.              Soil

1.     the top layer of the land surface of the earth that is composed of disintegrated rock particles, humus, water, and air See zonal soilazonal soilintrazonal soilhorizon (sense 4)horizon (sense 5) related adjective telluric
2.     a type of this material having specific characteristics  loamy soil
3.     land, country, or region  one's native soil
4.     See the soil
5.     any place or thing encouraging growth or development



77 Provincial Slogans in Thailand

กรุงเทพดุจเทพส้ราง เมืองศูนย์กลางการปกครอง วัด วัง งามเรืองรอง เมืองหลวงของประเทศไทย

• แคว้นโบราณ ด่านเจดีย์ มณีเมืองกาญจน์ สะพานข้ามแม่น้ำแคว แหล่งแร่น้ำตก
• A province of ancient community, three pagodas pass, precious stones, River Kwae Bridge, Minerals and waterfall resources.

จังหวัดจันทบุรี• น้ำตกลือเลื่อง เมืองผลไม้ พริกไทยพันธุ์ดี อัญมณีมากเหลือ เสื่อจันทบูร สมบูรณ์ธรรมชาติ สมเด็จพระเจ้าตากสินมหาราช รวมญาติกู้ชาติที่จันทบุรี
• Magnificent Waterfalls, Fruit City, Good Breeding Peppercorns Loads of Gems, Chanthabun Mat, Fertile Nature, Gathering Place of King Taksin the Great’s Liberation Army

• แม่น้ำบางปะกงแหล่งชีวิต พระศักดิ์สิทธิ์หลวงพ่อโสธร พระยาศรีสุนทรปราชญ์ภาษาไทย อ่างฤๅไนป่าสมบูรณ์
• The Bountiful Bang Pakong River,the Sacred Buddha Image of Luangpho Sothon, Phraya Si Sunthon the Scholar of Thai Language, and the Pristine Ang Rue Nai Forest

• ทะเลงาม ข้าวหลามอร่อย อ้อยหวาน จักสานดี ประเพณีวิ่งควาย
• Beautiful…

Grammar: conditionals

Conditionals คือประโยคเงื่อนไข มี 4 แบบหลักๆ คือ

1. Zero conditional         
2. First conditional
3. Second conditional    

4. Third conditional

1. Zero conditional  - เราจะใช้รูปแบบนี้ก็ต่อเมื่อเราต้องการจะพูดถึงความเป็นจริงทั่วไปที่เป็นจริงตลอดกาลไม่ว่าจะอดีต ปัจจุบัน หรืออนาคต 

โครงสร้างคือ If + present simple, present simple

1. If you exercise every day, your health is strong. 
2. If you walk in the rain, you get wet. 
3. If you don't eat dinner, you get angry. 

2. First conditional - เราจะใช้รูปแบบนี้ก็ต่อเมื่อเราต้องการจะพูดถึงเหตุการณ์ที่จะเกิดขึ้นในอนาคตที่เป็นจริงได้ (future true situations) จากเงื่อนไขที่สามารถปฏิบัติให้เป็นจริงได้

โครงสร้างคือ If + present simple, will + infinitive 

1. If you don't hit the books, you will get poor grades.
2. If the sky is clear, we will go out for a bite.

3. Second conditional - เราจะใช้รูปแบบนี้ก็ต่อเมื่อเราต้องการจะพูดถึงสถานการณ์ปัจจุบันหรืออนาคตที่ไม่จริง เป็นสถานการณ์สมมุติทั่วไป

โครงสร้างคือ If + past simple, would +…

Grammar: -ed & -ing Adjectives

ในภาษาอังกฤษเราจะเห็นว่าส่วนใหญ่คำคุณศัพท์นั้นอาศัยการสร้างคำโดยเติม Suffix ก็คือ -ed / -ing เข้าไปจากตัวฐานเดิมที่เป็นกริยา (verb) เช่น คำว่า Interest (กริยา) เมื่อทำเป็นรูปคุณศัพท์ก็เติม -ed หรือ -ing เข้าไป จึงกลายเป็น Interested และ Interesting 
คำคุณศัพท์ที่เติม -ed เข้าไป เลยเรียกได้ 2 แบบ คือ 
1) -ed Adjectives หรือ -ed Participles ก็ได้ เพราะมันเป็นส่วนเกี่ยวข้องกับคำกริยาเดิมเพียงแค่เติม -ed เข้าไป ทำให้กลายเป็นคำคุณศัพท์
2) ในทำนองเดียวกัน คำคุณศัพท์ที่เติม -ing เข้าไป ก็เรียกว่า -ing Adjectives หรือ -ing Participles  ก็ได้ เพราะมันเป็นส่วนเกี่ยวข้องกับคำกริยาเดิมเพียงแค่เติม -ing เข้าไป ทำให้กลายเป็นคำคุณศัพท์
ทั้งสองเหมือนกันในเรื่องของหน้าที่ คือ เป็นคำคุณศัพท์ แต่โดยความหมายต่างกันดังนี้
1. -ed Adjectives มีความหมายเป็น Passive (ประธานถูกกระทำ)   2. -ing Adjectives มีความหมายเป็น Active (ประธานกระทำสิ่งนั้น) 3. -ing /-ed participial phrases วลีที่เพิ่มเข้ามาเพื่อขยายคำนามที่อยู่ก่อนหน้า ซึ่งอยู่ในสามารถอยู่ในรูป -ing และ -ed ได้

เช่น All children playing football in the park live…